Sacred Retreat From Amazon to Europe

28-30th June / Near Lisbon

One of the most common medicines among the Noke Kuin, rapé (or rume poto) is prepared using tobacco dust with a mixture of other aromatic medicinal plants.Blown through an applicator (usually made of wood), it can be used individually, but it gains a lot of powerwhen blown by a spiritually initiated person.


The dried skin secretions of the Amazonian frog Phyllomedusa bicolor work as a potent natural vaccine for the human body. Currently studied at universities in several countries around the world for its positive potential for the immune system, kambo is a forest technology known ancestrally by indigenous peoples. Through a small burn on the skin, the medicine is applied, which then causes intense physical and spiritual cleansing. After the kambo ritual, one feels energized for having removed the negative energetic accumulations from the body.


Body painting is sacred to the Noke Kuin. Skin paintings represent protection, beauty and spiritualconnection. Called "kene", the traditional designs are connected to the cosmology of the pov and thebeings of the forest. By drawing on our skin we are connecting with the worlds of spirituality, bringing strength and protection. During our retreat, participants can be painted with annatto (red paint) or genipap (black paint).

We are combining ancient wisdom

and modern psychology techniques

for emotional support during the process
and post-retreat integration

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